Cloister in Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago

Cloister in Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

There's something beyond us
And something between us
An invisible thread
In the Milky Way
That gathers and scatters
That joins and divides us.

The pattern of God
So near and so reaching
Beyond touching and seeing
At the pit of our being.

Asleep yet awake
Mute but yet talking
Immobile, still coursing
Each second, each day.

We see him in children
The blind and the ag-ed
In hope and in anguish
Through love and through care.

He's here and he's nowhere
Both now and forever
The gate is marked hope
Past the wall of despair.

Haven is the chosen charity - again

Tipping our hat to the group of 2011 when we raised money for Haiti, once again the same group, more or less has been reassembled. Lorraine and I hope to raise €1,500 for Haven who do such great work there. We will get a link to their bank account either directly or through an efficient funding site.  

With all the recent tumult over British and US political decisions it's easy to forget there are millions in Haiti who would love to have those problems. As we walk along the Portuguese route from Tuy/Tui on the Spanish Portuguese border to the Cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela we will carry the thoughts of our Haitian brothers and sisters and the excellent Irish charity of which we are so proud. We are proud to support them. Watch this space!!