Cloister in Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago

Cloister in Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pamplona - a party town

DAY FIVE – May 20th – Pamplona – parties, fiestas, bulls and churches

It did not take us long to discover the best tapas in town. Just off the main square (Plaza del Castillo) there runs a glorious street – Estafeta – with dozens of attractive bars and restaurants. Ten euro bought a round of drinks and tapas. Barry is thinking of introducing a tapas bar bedside Harrys in Dawson Street. The burghers of Pamplona stand while they eat and drink which allows them wander off to the next bar. It’s great on a holiday but I wonder if Irish people would take kindly to all this moving. An Irish man likes to find his way to the bar, establishes a comfortable presence there and proceeds to spend the entire evening on the same spot. I think it’s a weather thing.

The Fruit Market in Pamplona

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