Cloister in Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago

Cloister in Los Arcos on the Camino de Santiago

Monday, May 30, 2011

Zubiri to Pamplona via Zabaldica

DAY FIVE – 20TH May – Zubiri to Pamplona via Zabaldica
21km, adjusted for climb 23km

We were greeted by a cheery sunny blue sky on Friday morning – again. We quickly left behind the industrial side of Zubiri and made our way along gorgeous rustic paths.

Daniel and I came across some horses in a field – Mares with their foals – and unsuccessfully tried to get the foal to come closer for a photo op. The countryside was full of May promise with wild flowers in profusion.

Our journey today took us along the banks of the river Arga which flows all the way into Pamplona. Just after Irotz we were asked to make a decision. This was the first, and last time we were asked to make a decision. It is usually a simple matter of following the ubiquitous arrows and scallop shells. But now – all of a sudden – we had a decision to make. There were two signs and both pointed to Pamplona – both in the official Santiago livery. Within minutes we were joined by many other equally confused pilgrims. The lower path was the favored choice of many whom we met at the junction with furrowed brows, including a Swiss lady who had walked the whole way from outside Geneva. Looking at the map I guessed correctly that the lower path would take us away from Zabaldica and so we took the narrow higher road and were rewarded by a warm welcome in Zabaldica ..

Anyway we decide to take the higher road that brought us to the little village of Zabaldica and its small but welcoming church. We were greeted by two smiling ladies – one a nun from a local convent and the other a lay person who helped for two hours every Friday. They offered advice on the church, water to drink, soap to wash, nuts to eat, the Credencial seal and a visit to the bell tower. The interior of the church was simple but charming, peaceful and prayerful.

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